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Bob and Tom

Post by Natalie on Sun Oct 19, 2008 5:26 pm

I have met Bob and Tom loads of times before and after shows for signings, a photo and a chat. I have met Bob at organised meet ups with the fans with whom I have made great friends with.

I've seen them both at Gospel shows, plays, panto etc and they make an effort for their fans which is nice, I have never met such nice people who go out of their way to talk to fans and have photos taken with them.

I have never really spoke to Tom but when I do he is so nice. When I saw them in a show near me I was very early and the first one there, as soon as I walked in the door I saw Tom and he recognised me and he asked me how I was and I said I was fine and I asked him the same question and he answered, before that day he never really spoke to me so I was very happy.

I used to be so shy around them and it took a lot of guts to go up and talk to them but it doesn't bother me now, they like to see their fans watching them in their shows.

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