Attention! Be careful when leaving any information here.

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Attention! Be careful when leaving any information here.

Post by Andrea on Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:19 am

Do not give your details out to people you don't know online!

If you decide to swap any of your own items with anyone you have been talking to here, please be sure that you know and trust the person you are dealing with.

DO NOT post your personal information online.

It can be a great idea to connect with other fans and talk about items you may have, items you may want and items you may be able to exchange but please ensure that you know the person well enough to trust them fully with your personal information and exchange that somewhere other than the public forums.

These boards take no responsibility for any misuse of information left here by its members.

Please be careful folks, you know that all is not always as it seems online.

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